A lot of you incredible superfans and devoted listeners have asked us how you can best support the show. Right now, Pitch is a labor of love for us producers. It’s created around the spare time we can fit around our day jobs. To keep the show going and growing, we need all of you to help us share Pitch with as many new listeners as possible. Here are a few ways you can help us spread the word:

1. Share Your Love on ITUNES.
CLICK HERE TO rate and review the show. Your feedback will help us make the show better, and will help us shoot up the iTunes charts. And the higher we are on the charts, the easier it is for new listeners to discover us. 

2. Subscribe All.
Take the phone from a friend or loved one, show them how to get podcasts, and subscribe them to Pitch. If you have an acquaintance, mortal enemy, or immortal frenemy who likes music and stories, tell them they’ll like Pitch. 

3. Talk Music With Us on Twitter @HEARPITCH and on FACEBOOK
We live to talk about music — and so we do, with you, all day on Twitter and Facebook. It’s where we post extra info, videos, photos, and anecdotes from episodes, swap stories with you, and discuss the Very Important Issues in music. Let us know if you have an idea for an episode of Pitch, what you loved about the latest episode, or just swing by to say hi!

4. Tweet the Press.
Tweet at your go-to music writer, publication, podcast network or radio show, or even your most beloved, famous musician to ask them if they’ve listened to the show or your favorite episode yet. Here are the Twitter handles of some of our favorite press and shows: @RADIOTOPIAFM@GIMLETMEDIA@WNYC@WBEZ@KCRW, and @WBUR, and @THISAMERLIFE@RADIOLAB, and @PANOPLY, just to name a few.

5. Pitch On Tour. 
We’re taking our show on the road. If you’re a student or event organizer, hit us up at ALEX@HEARPITCH.ORG  to organize a talk and/or live show.

6. We’re Taking Requests.
Got another idea for how you can support the show, have a story idea, or want to be part of making Pitch? Drop us a line at ALEX@HEARPITCH.ORG .

Thanks again for your support. We can’t wait to share Season 3 with you soon. The best is yet to come!