The song “Moulty” by the Barbarians isn’t your typical love ballad. It’s not even really a love song.

The song begins with an inspirational message from Moulty himself, the guy who the song was named after.

I remember the days / When things were real bad for me / It was right after my accident / When I lost my hand

Moulty doesn’t sing so much as he talks those lines. After all, he was the Barbarian’s drummer, not their lead singer. But his sincerity comes through quite strongly. The song is a message for the underdog, for anyone who feels different, or strange. If Moulty can become rock star drummer with just one hand, you can also make your dreams come true.

The inspirational message continues through the second verse, and the second chorus. And then we hit the third verse. And the song takes a starry-eyed turn. Moulty’s living his dream, but he’s still missing one thing: Love.

Now there's just one thing that I need / Not sympathy and I don't want no pity / But a girl, a real girl / One that really loves me / And then I'll be the complete man

And the chorus hits, and the song fades out, and — that’s it. We don’t know what happens to Moulty. Does he get the real girl? The one that really loves him?

Nearly 50 years later, Alex met up with Moulty to find out.

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This story was originally produced for the Transom Story Workshop, and was featured on HowSound, along with an interview with Alex. Many thanks to everyone involved in those three organizations, and specially, the best radio teacher on the damn planet, Rob Rosenthal.


Moulty - by The Barbarians


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